I am a new Mom parenting my daughter as naturally and instinctively as I can. I love Faerielore, the mysterious side of nature, and all things magical. I’m completely in love with my Shakespeare, Mozart and red wine loving husband. We’re “Romantics,” I admit, and if I could afford to buy a little castle in Ireland I would do it, and be excited about living electricity-free with ice-cold floors and dark stairwells. I know life would be tough, but it would also be so beautiful and feel very real.

I’m currently using some of my spare time to create things. I went to two art schools and ended up choosing to graduate with a BFA in Fashion Design. I’ve recently become a work-at-home-mom, currently making a cloth diapering system, and continuing on a more artistic exhibit involving many mediums. I also have been aspiring to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

My daughter, Fae, was born at home in August of 2011, and she completely amazes us. She co-sleeps, nurses often, wears cloth diapers, plays with natural toys, and spends most of the day in my arms like a little monkey. She has a very strong personality, wildly determined and willful. I wonder sometimes if maybe she isn’t a little Irish changeling.


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  1. Your last paragraph sums up our Hazel, almost exactly. We do include a little more “modern” touches to our lifestyle, but I think that what you are doing is amazing! Best of luck with sweet little Fae. She’s a beauty.

  2. Thanks for writing about your ideas and experiences! This blog is inspiring our little family to make some of the same choices your family has made.

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