Fae, at 11 Months

This month flew by fast due to a few reasons, not only because I’ve been focusing on Fae turning one, but because of all of my seemingly endless planning on how we’re going to make it in the world in a way that suits our needs and desires. On top of this, I’ve been caught up in the intricacy of helping my husband find ways to turn his quandaries into insights, and to take synchronicities as positive signs. It’s been rough, stressful, draining, but somehow bittersweet and beautiful. However, I haven’t averted my attention from my golden little daughter. I’m noticing more and more of her brilliant and extremely perceptive moments, and am completely amazed by her. My family is my world.

Fae’s been busy and incredibly aware. She’s added a few new words to her vocabulary: ball, doggie, uh-oh, toss, ckk (for book), up (which she sometimes says backwards as “puh”), all done, Mumma (finally when she’s not crying), and hello. She also still loves pointing and clapping. A few days after she turned 10 months I asked her to clap (and didn’t clap myself, as I was holding the camera) and she started clapping on her own. She’ll often stop what she’s doing to clap at the end of a song, sometimes resulting in her standing on her own for a few seconds, something that’s happening more and more each day.

A few weeks ago I was playing with Fia (our kitty), using a scrap of fabric. After I put it down, Fae picked it up and mimicked me, looking a Fia, giggling, trying to coerce her to play. It worked, and now they’re becoming good friends. Yesterday Fae gave her a little blue box that she had been playing with–so sweet. Fae’s now more interested in Fia as a playmate then as a ball of fluff to pull on.

Peek-a-boo is played often, at Fae’s command, and she’s still playing special little Daddy-games. She’ll even protest sleep until he plays back. And when she takes a bite out of a book, she’ll turn her back to us laughing and trying to hide, knowing that we’re about to get the paper out of her mouth–she’s even turned that into a new game.

One of my favorite things that she now does is “laugh-nurse.” She still nurses often, which makes me really happy, and she lets me know how much she loves it by giggling as she nurses. She’ll also play nursing-games, including one where she’ll put her foot near my mouth so that I can eat it. And last week she let a toy have a suckle first. We wondered if she’d get jealous if Daddy acted like he wanted to nurse, but instead she found it hilarious. Another adorable nursing thing–when Daddy’s coming to tickle her in bed, she’ll latch on for safety. It’s nice that I represent that for her.

Each morning she wakes up talking and smiling. She’s done this for a long time, but I don’t remember ever mentioning it.

She still loves water, be it the pool, her tub, or the shower. We’ve been taking family showers ever since Fae’s 10 month post, and she giggles with anticipation when we get her naked and turn on the shower.

She drinks from a glass all by herself, pulls herself up and stands sturdily holding onto things, especially her little toy baskets, and she’s been crawling now for a few weeks. Yay! We thought maybe she’d end up walking first, which she was trying to do between us last night, but she still just throws her body forward and expects us to catch her.

Fae is great at showing love with huge open-mouth kisses as she says “aww” and “ahh” and clings on with hugs. It’s very sweet.

Yesterday, on a walk to Mem’s (my Mom’s), Fae pointed to her house, as to make sure that we stopped there, I guess. I thought that was pretty amazing because I hadn’t mentioned that we were going there, and as I’ve said before, we walk everywhere, so a walk doesn’t mean that we’re going to Mem’s.

And bed-sharing, which we’ve done since birth, has been a truly great experience. We’ve evolved from her being snuggled into my body with my arm around her all night, to her rolling off to the side, on her own, naturally, in order to sprawl out. I get so happy when she makes these transitions on her own, and feel more confident in how I’m parenting (see my post Parenting: Trending Now for more detail).

Fae also loves “reading,” on her own and with us, and she’s learning to play the guitar (she more strums, instead of grabs, the strings now)–to our surprise.

Fae is 11 months, soon to be one, and I don’t feel sad, or that I’ve missed anything. Maybe because I literally haven’t. I still haven’t left her in anyone else’s care. I certainly don’t feel that it would be wrong to–and it will happen one of these days– but I’ve just felt more at peace having her around. My husband and I have our alone time when she’s busy playing or napping, and now we’re beginning to get even more time due to her sprawling out on her own at night. I’m continually finding more moments where I can just be and relax. I feel connected to nature, in tune to my family, and truly happy.

Fae is walking around holding Daddy’s hand with one hand, making her excited sounds.


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