Crowns and Waldorf Dolls

For Fae’s first birthday I decided to make her a birthday crown from wool. The day is quickly approaching, and I’ve been contemplating new traditions, the birthday crown being one of them. We’ll also be setting up a birthday ring, a German tradition that’s been adopted by many people using Waldorf and even Montessori ways, and I’ve finally ordered her a Waldorf doll, after thoroughly searching Etsy for what I feel to be the perfect one.

I’ve been interested in Waldorf and Montessori education and toys, and especially Waldorf celebrations, due to they’re strong ties with nature. I just love the nature holidays (solstices, equinoxes, etc.), and with Fae now having been (almost) through one year of them, I’ve decided to begin really celebrating these festive days, starting with her birthday–a magical one of its own.

We’ll be setting up a birthday ring–a wooden circle with holes for candles, numbers, figures and seasonal symbols, that can be arranged differently each year to reflect the child’s growth and new interests. And we’ll also use this ring for other celebrations as well, even for Christmas.

The birthday crown is just something fun for Fae, or fun for me. I used organic wool, wool yarn, and cotton floss, and embroidered a bright, golden sun representing her summer birthday, a pond for her love of water and allusive of where she was born (at home in an apartment overlooking a pond, not in a pond), and I added some wind, which always seems to get her excited when it blows across her face. I can now add crowns to my works in process because I’ve begun crown-making like mad.

The Waldorf doll that I decided on is a custom 9″ Sweet Pea doll, made by Wild Wood Wee Folk on Etsy. These dolls seem to be high-quality and are beautiful. I love how Waldorf dolls have simple faces, are made from natural materials, and are stuffed with wool–which actually holds the warmth from the child. That’s precious. Fae has a little Waldorf teething doll, a Christmas present, that she loves. I assume she’ll love this doll as well.

So, I’ve been busy making things. We re-arranged my workshop area, yet again, so that I can efficiently work on wool diaper covers and crowns. I’m so thankful for our big wooden table that my dad made. It allows me to pretend that we’re in a little stone castle in the Medieval era, but more importantly, it gives me the space I need to work.

I’m getting sprinkled with water by Fae because that’s what she likes to do with her cup when she’s hot. She drinks a little, and sprinkles a lot. It feels pretty nice for both of us.


8 responses to “Crowns and Waldorf Dolls

    • Thanks. I’ve seen them around, and I just think it’s so adorable. I know that I would have loved wearing birthday crown growing up, actually, I’d still love it now.

  1. So sweet. Our girls’ birthdays must be close together a we, too, are preparing for a first birthday. We are getting our daughter a Montessori Doll, too, and we were even lucky enough to find someone who makes them locally! Happy early birthday to your little one, and I love all of your unique, fun ideas!

    • Thanks. And happy early birthday to your little one, too! Fae’s birthday is August 16th. I’m really looking forward to celebrating it. That’s great that you found someone who makes the dolls locally. Waldorf/Montessori dolls seem to be one of those things that are actually better quality when you can get them handmade. I appreciate the craft that goes into making them.

  2. Love your crown! I did the same for my daughter’s 2nd birthday + the waldorf doll in April this year. She loved the crown and loves the doll. They are beautiful. Isn’t it so exciting to start new traditions, decide on the ones you’re going to take part in, etc. I love it.

  3. We set to work making a bee mobile to hang above our new nature table. It’s super easy. The wreath was made out of old grape vines, the flowers out of wool felt, and the bees were just black felt that we rolled between our hands to make it into an oblong shape. You then wrap it with some yellow embroidery floss and the wings I made out of tracing paper. I sewed the wings on (with one stitch) leaving a long thread to hang them from the wreath.

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