True and Honest Love

Jared and I were married on Midsummer’s Eve two years ago, June 20th, 2010. It was a Sunday evening, and, thankfully, our families didn’t complain about that. I really wanted to be married on the longest day of the year, partly due to all of the nature magic and strangeness that’s mentioned in folk- and faerie-lore about the solstice.

A huge storm oddly spared our wedding that night, while the surrounding areas got soaked. I’m pretty sure it was because of the wine, chocolate and milk that I left out as offerings for the faeries. But my Memere insists that it was because she left her rosary beads on the window sill–she doesn’t believe in faeries. I’m sure both gestures somehow had a part in it, but mine, I like to think, indulged those of the forest.

The day was strangely magical–as I’m assuming most weddings are. But I can’t deny what seemed to be in the air that night. It felt as though the guests were drunk on love or something, and of course Jared and I were too.

The most amazing thing is that I’m still completely, utterly, deeply and honestly in love with my husband. We’re growing entwined together. Our lives have merged into one. And for two people who like, and need, to have their space, to be shut-out from the world at times in order to think through their visions (Enneagram number 5 with a 4 wing, I’ll eventually write about this), I think it’s pretty amazing that we’ve become so interconnected. Our erstwhile alone-time has become our family time. And it works so well for us. We turn to each other for everything.

I guess I’m just so happy to have already arrived at this. We have our struggles, but they’re just not relationship oriented. Maybe the security that I feel in my family is helping me to be able to shake-up our world, question everything, and plan the next steps according to what feels absolutely right. I do believe that I can make my visions my reality. And I can thank Jared for being such a support for me, for believing in my desires, encouraging me, for un-skeptically keeping a lookout with me for hopeful signs–and for not getting too freaked out by all of the little coincidences that have always seemed to accompany big happenings in my life.

As a little side note:

The wedding band that I picked out is a thin vintage white gold band, embossed with forget-me-not flowers. It happens to be the same exact style wedding band that my Great Memere had as her wedding band, and I didn’t even know until after we bought it. Her marriage was surely one of true, deep, honest love. I think that’s a pretty amazing coincidence, or sign, however you want to see it.

Fae is being a little flirt–playing games with me. She’s rolling around on the bed, smiling at me, then laughing and hiding her face when I look at her.


6 responses to “True and Honest Love

  1. Lovely- thank you for sharing! And thank you for your kind words on my blog awhile ago. Happy Anniversary, woman! I love solstice and am forever trying to choose which one is my favorite day of the year, but when it’s actually this one, I’m always sure of my favorite of the two. 🙂 Hope you both get to do something special and outdoorsy…

  2. What a beautiful post. I particularly liked the part about the rain skipping your wedding, and your Memere sounds lovely. Congrats on two years of love and happiness!

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