Fae and Water

Fae has a new love for water. “New” because she seemed to love it as a newborn, but not lately. The first few months of her life we took many warm baths together. She’d nurse, snuggle and kick her little legs around. But everything changed once we headed into winter. So, we ended up sponge bathing, and not taking as many submersive-type baths.

I could easily understand her un-comfort. In the winter I would rather save the shock of getting in and out of the water for the rare warm(er) day. But even in a nicely heated home, getting out of the water–I still dread it. And it’s not uncommon for me to go longer between showers in the winter, and I love water.

Yesterday, being a hot, humid day, with no air conditioning in our apartment, Fae and I were feeling it. I decided that it was the perfect time to try to re-awaken that love of water that I know is in her. I dug out a waterproof mat–that I had never found a use for until now–and I filled her baby tub with three inches of water. I put on a bikini, laid out a towel, and got Fae nice and naked–which she loves. I sat her down on the mat to play with the tub-water as I gave her a thorough sponge bath–in case it was the only chance I got.

I really had no idea what to expect, seeing how her last bath, three days ago, involved her standing up in a few inches of water, held by Daddy, trembling, with a horrified and uneasy look on her face. I washed her as quickly as I could before she attached herself to me for safety.

But yesterday (maybe it was the new beach-like layout, or the fact that I was in a bikini and splashing too–I’m not quite sure) whatever it was, it worked. I got her sitting in her tub, happy, but even better, excited. She played in the water for almost twenty minutes. That’s amazing for Fae. There isn’t much at all that she’ll do for that long, besides hang out in my arms. I actually got to sit back on my towel, watch her, and reflect on our life for a couple of minutes. It was so refreshing. I could have had a cocktail.

So now I’m looking forward to baths. I may even just set up a kiddie pool in the living room for super hot days. Jared and I have been looking forward to trips to the beach, the lake, and the pool. Now I’m more than ready. My baby will actually enjoy the water, and I’ll get to enjoy the afternoon, maybe even get to relax and flirt with my husband all the while.

Fae is nap-nursing in a cute little tutu onesie. Her hair, that seems to be getting more blonde every day, is fluffing in the wind from the fan. She’s all snuggled up against my body, warm and totally precious. She’s such a little girl these days, but she still naps like an infant.


11 responses to “Fae and Water

  1. Florence is becoming upset over her bath times recently too. She hates getting out of the bath because of the cold! Tears of rage! Nice to hear Fae is warming up to the idea again 🙂

  2. Love! How cute! Glad she’s coming around again, I can just imagine how it must hurt your heart to have to bathe her when she clearly doesn’t like it. I took a bath with both my kids yesterday and it was challenging! But squishy and cute and fun. I had forgotten how much I used to like doing that with Lola. Now I want to be doing it again right now. 🙂

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