Earth Love

Nature has always been important to me, and I’m especially drawn to it when it’s wild and unkempt. I’ve imagined my yard to have an overgrown garden with twisted pathways that are covered in roots, moss, and tiny, delicate flowers. I love the earth, honestly, as most people do, and the sustainable, eco-friendly home in my family’s future will definitely incorporate the surrounding land in a respectful way. I’ve always admired homes that extend into the yard, as if the house were just another corner of the garden.

I’ve been making a lot of changes for my family that are earth-friendly, working towards my ideal lifestyle. My family appreciates the earth, and it’s never overlooked in our home. So we’ll be celebrating this Earth-Day with a long walk outside, an all-natural organic meal, and a bottle of red wine. Nothing different for us. But in toasting our plans for the future, so long as they remain with the earth, the earth will be toasted too.

Fae is wearing her sun-hat, kicking a book, watching Daddy finish his salad, and starting to whine. We’re about to go for a walk, which she loves, and I think she’s ready to go.


4 responses to “Earth Love

    • Sure, but our place isn’t very pretty yet 🙂 Just a small apartment is Manchester, NH. But, bring the fam and we’ll drink some wine! I really do love wine 😉

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