Our Plan: Some Land and Simplicity

Six weeks ago Jared and I had a late night with some red wine, and an unusually calm baby, and we realized (finally) our life plan. It began with me calling him over to the computer to show him a blog, Daughter of the Sun. The most recent post had been a short video of a neighbor’s backyard garden with a boy explaining how they’ve been living off their land. The next post showed gorgeous photos of a toddler–similar to how I’ve imagined Fae as she grows–barefoot, half-naked, and enjoying nature. Seeing these families living peacefully and simply in their Hawaiian community was very inspiring to me.

Before that night we had thoughts of eventually having a home, somewhere, with some land, but no specifics. I certainly had my fantasies. But I’ve come to realize lately that a tiny castle overseas may not be in our near future, and a grass hut on the beach isn’t an ideal living situation–although I do believe it could work, in the right community. I have known for years that the home we do choose will need to be a little unique. I like places that feel different, like they’re caught between worlds, just a little off, but in a beautiful way.

Knowing the kind of lifestyle that we wanted, and now inspired by actually seeing it, in existence, our night progressed into scouring the internet for how to make it possible. I mentioned communes to Jared, as I’ve considered them in the past. We searched through a bunch, some beautiful, some wild, most eccentric, but we realized that although it might be exciting, we’re a little too private for such a close-knit community. We researched eco-villages, tried to find sustainable-living communities, and looked for idyllic farmland. The night ended with some deep-ish discussions (we were drinking our wine pretty quickly due to all of our excitement) and we decided on our plan.

First of all, yes, we want some land, two acres would be nice. And not just any land; we want to be able to grow a beautiful garden and have some fruit trees as well. I mentioned to Jared that the land must be able to grow palm trees. I don’t even like coconut all that much, but I plan to. I also want it to be a little wild. I’ve never liked manicured lawns much either. We also would LOVE to avoid the insanely huge northeast tick population, somehow. Meaning we’ll probably not end up with land in New England unless it’s really special, and most likely on the coast (and I can manage to have an indoor palm tree in an atmosphere-controlled secret garden green house).

Next, we hope to live off the grid, literally, which will naturally include some solar panels, but we’d like to take it a step further. I assume we’ll end up with a nice, deep well so that we can have our own water (maybe even a stream or pond too, for fun), road bikes for transportation, and a basement or pantry lined with shelves for food (and wine). We also, and this is important, want to be living in a community with others who are trying to live life similarly. We know that we’ll need a lot of support. I don’t plan to farm every vegetable and fruit that my family will eat, but I’d like to be able to get them locally. Milk too. I’m not planning on having a cow–some sheep, of course, chickens too, maybe even a goat, but not a cow.

Since we’ve started our little family I feel motivated to find that place that fits with us, hopefully before Fae grows into a young girl. Our plan seems attainable within a few years. We don’t know where we’ll be going, but we’ve figured out the lifestyle that we’re after, and the type of community (similar to the one in Hawaii–lots of crafters, farmers, natural baby-raisers, and nature lovers). We have some time to explore, whether it’s the South West, a Carolina, or a Virgin Island, or even some hilltop in New Hampshire where all of the ticks have vanished due to, who knows, Faerie Magic? We’ll see what we find.

Fae is nap-nusing on my lap. We re-arranged our place today, and now the couch faces the bay windows that look towards the sunset. I have a really nice place to relax now. Fia (Kitty) just jumped up and started grooming Fae’s head, which she does often these days. It usually makes Fae giggle, but she’s luckily still asleep.


17 responses to “Our Plan: Some Land and Simplicity

  1. Sounds so dreamy!! I have such a desire to do that too. And I can totally relate to the wine saturated conversation between husband and wife…sharing dreams, making plans. Amazing.

  2. Sounds just about perfect. Tommy and I have a very similar dream but have first got to get some poor finance choices of our youth lined out. Have you looked into some of the building options if you end up going the route of self built like firewood or if in a dryer climate straw bale? I look forward to watching and seeing where you all land over the next few years. -sasha

    • We’ve just begun to think about the building options out there. Luckily, my dad is a carpenter, so we’ll have a lot of help. I’m not sure if he realizes what he signed up for when one wine filled night he mentioned that he always planned on building each of his 3 daughters a home. I know that I’m planning on collecting a lot of materials, but I’ll be doing more research and I’ll write about it in a post to come.

      • Lucky for sure! How fortunate. : )
        I look forward to reading what options you explore in the future.
        Oh and I wrote my original comment on a mobile device so that “firewood” should read “cordwood” lol autocorrect ; ) ~Sasha

      • Thanks. It’ll be a lot of work, exciting work, and we’re going to have to start saving money, but it’s finally a plan that fits, and that we’re really working towards. I love straw bale homes. I’ll have to look up cordwood construction.

  3. Great plan! I love it. I always dreamed of a tiny stone farmhouse, with a huge yard for a garden and apple trees. A blue barn, with 2 chickens, 2 sheep, and 2 horses! The downside is I also sometimes dream of a cute old apartment with a rooftop garden and floor to ceiling book shelves! I’m a country girl by nature, but a city girl by design:) On our honeymoon we had to get of the train in this tiny town just outside of Paris. It was truly the best of all worlds. Brick and stone houses, farmers markets, tree’s and vines everywhere. I would even start drinking wine if I lived there! (I loath grape juice, and therefore do not like wine, I know! I know!)

    • You know wine doesn’t actually taste like grape juice right? Just kidding. I’d love that little town outside of Paris. I’m hoping we’ll be able to find something similar somewhere in the states. And your apartment idea is awesome! I can’t think of a better way to live in a city. Floor to ceiling bookshelves would be a must, and a rooftop garden would be so luxorious! Love it.

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  6. I too would love a simple life style, and be able to live off our land. We have a huge garden this summer, and about two months ago began raising chickens. We don’t plan on eating the chickens, just the eggs. I would love to move to a far off place to make a new life, and create our own little world…but then I begin to wonder, what will we do for work? Will we have enough money to sustain the land…since nothing comes for free? How will I educate my children? The thought of having a huge farm and living simple is a beautiful dream, but it costs money to do…and so very much time. I guess I can still dream though!

    • Probably the most important, and challenging, part of our plan is finding a community with people trying to live a similar way. I know they’re out there, but so hard to find. It’d be really difficult to live this type of lifestyle alone. I’m not planning on having a farm. I know that it would take up all of my time. But I am hoping to have some farmers as neighbors. It’ll certainly take planning, and I guess I’m really fortunate to have a career path that I can do from home.

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