7 Things About Me

Thank you to Candice of BeadsBobbles&Blogs for sending this fantastic little award my way. The Versatile Blogger Award, an award I’ll now pass on to some of my favorite sites, as an expression of community asks fellow bloggers to reveal 7 things about themselves.

I LOVE animals. I really do. They just make me happy, and often make me laugh.

If I were to choose 5 foods to live off of, I would pick: salad, bread, cheese, wine and dark chocolate.

I’m introverted, secretive and stubborn.

Looking into the future, I’ve always pictured myself either living in a small, old, dark castle; a stone cottage with a dirt floor; or a grass hut, with an ice box fridge, on the beach. I shamelessly romanticize things.

When I was young I wanted to be a “fruit girl” when I grew up–one of those women dressed in rich, hand-dyed fabrics that would gather fruit and return to the village balancing it in a basket on their head. I would still like to do this.

I believe in faeries. Not exactly how our society pictures them–little pretty people with wings–but I do think they exist. And that there is more to nature than what we’re used to seeing.

I have a dirty mind.

I’d like to pass this award on to some recently discovered favorites of mine.

StephiCakes– I know you recently got this award by someone else, but here you go again, because I like what you write.

Teklanika Photography Field Journal– I love seeing beautiful animal photographs among all of the mom blogs that I read.

From Here To Maternity…..Eventually– Maybe I’m already looking forward to being pregnant again, in the future (not the near future).


BeadsBoggles&Blogs– Back to you, Candice. I love reading your posts.

Thank you to my readers, and thanks again, Candice.

Fae is running around the living room in her walker. She got the mei tai carrier (that she just woke up from a nap in) stuck under the wheel, so she’s pounding her feet hard, dragging it along.


6 responses to “7 Things About Me

  1. Well thank you so much! I now feel self conscious about the fact that the post up on my page is that stupid lottery one. And that the only thing I’ve got in the works is some babbling about Lola.
    Your blog is so beautiful!

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