Works in Process

I’ve decided to design a cloth diapering line (among many other things) and my mind has been on fire. I’ve spent precious nighttime hours–when Fae is actually sleeping and I should be too–designing the perfect (in my opinion) cloth diapering system, in my head. And I’ve used many of Fae’s naps to research fabrics and reviews, and also to work out dimensions. Patternmaking is my next step–a skill that I learned in, and is essential for Fashion Design. I also secretly love the technicality of it.

In addition to that, Fae and I have been felting wool, catching up on laundry, selling stuff on Ebay to fund my work, making and testing organic nursing pads, and, also, I began to let her grab pieces of food off my plate, instead of guarding it like I did up until she turned six months–I’ve been eating lots of baby-fist-sized pieces of avocados, pears and bananas.

I’ve become more realistic about my art and design. I’m making things that I’ll be able to sell–that I just happen to be incredibly passionate about–alongside of work I’m doing on a more imaginative project. Fashion (design-patternmaking-sewing), painting, metal- and wood-working, illustrating, sculpting, jewelry making, fiber design, and anything else I may include are a part of the latter–it’s a big work-in-progress. As to the former, I have a history of getting ideas about projects that will create an income and then losing motivation because they’re not actually what I really want to do–or sign my name to. I take my work seriously; my emotions are involved, and when the project doesn’t feel completely me, it’s not something that I’ll finish. There’s been a change though–I can assume because of Fae. I’ve come up with a huge list of things to create and sell that actually fit in with the concept of my world, and I already have the means to begin.

Our living room has turned into my workshop. Our big wooden table–which deserves a post of its own–is now home to my sewing machine, a brand new serger (thanks Dad!), organic wool (pounds of wool that won’t fit in the drawers with the other natural fabrics), some quartz crystals that I use as my fabric weights, and my little drill. Jared doesn’t mind. He says that he likes it, likes the workshop vibe of the place now, and Fae has become amazed with my measuring tape, just as our cat, Fia, has always been (the two of them have a lot in common these days). I’m sure there’s PVC in it. Fae is becoming my little helper and wants to be a part of what I do, but she doesn’t understand the reason why she can’t chew on it. She also doesn’t understand why she can’t grab my peanut butter and honey-covered bagel off my plate in the morning. I may need to pick a new favorite breakfast, and find a measuring tape made out of grass.

Fae is sitting on my knee, trying to get the kitty’s attention. Fia is ignoring her.


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