Back to Being an Artist

With Fae being six months old now, I’ve found myself diving back into creating things. I had to update my “About” because I’m no longer an “artist-on-hold,” as previously stated–and it’s exhilarating. I’m somehow managing to find time to work on projects, many at once–like it’s always been, and with Fae right there with me. I don’t have it all under control–I’m always behind on the dishes and laundry, though not the diaper laundry. I also can’t seem to keep my family’s clothes in the closet and drawers, and I often have prefold diapers lying about in patches of sun–or what were patches of sun. I’d rather mother, be a good wife, and an artist than keep everything put away and organized. So, life is crazy–but good-crazy.

My little one is napping on me, while grasping my hair in her hand, and making sweet sleeping sounds.


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