Safe Toys for Encouraging Fae’s Imagination

One way I’m trying to create a safe environment for my daughter, and one that encourages her imagination, is through her toys. Fae has a small collection of all-natural, simple toys that she loves and gets excited about–and lets them know by babbling to them. We’re avoiding plastics, many of which often contain harmful toxins–BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium, and arsenic, which are known to disrupt hormones, affect growth and development, create illness and irritations, and even cause many types of cancers. Instead, we choose wooden toys with safe paint and finishes, and soft toys made of natural fibers (cotton, wool and hemp) that are colored with safe dyes. We choose simple toys that aren’t busy and overwhelming in order to stimulate Fae’s imagination.

A few of my favorite brands for Fae, that are easy to find, are: Haba, which makes beautiful wooden toys with safe paint and finishes; Vulli, maker of the popular natural rubber “Sophie” giraffe; Kathe Kruse, an old company that makes Waldorf style dolls–good for the imagination; and Miyim, which has a great selection of soft, organic toys.

These are just some of the companies I’ve found online–there appears to be hundreds–that make such toys.

Fae is in my arm, holding onto the edge of the couch while she jumps. She’s very excited about it.


7 responses to “Safe Toys for Encouraging Fae’s Imagination

  1. I have Sophie but I’ve never seen these other toys. So if a baby has a plastic toy they can get the chemicals? I thought the toxins only came out when they were microwaved or filled with hot food.

    • Apparently some plastics can leach toxins even when they’re not heated. Also, I’ve read that toys with phthalates (usually soft plastic toys) become more toxic when they sit in the sun. Luckily, the information and research on this seems to be becoming more readily available. I know that there are supposed “non-toxic” plastics out there too, but I just can’t trust them 100%.

  2. I never knew what people were talking about when they meant natural toys… I get it now. I’m not at the motherhood stage of my life yet…but I hope to be as natural as possible when it comes to parenting. (Which won’t be for ages yet…but it’s still something I think about)
    But maybe I can start as teacher with things in the classroom.
    I love your blog it’s not like others I’ve seen! 🙂

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