Aspiring to Live More Imaginaturally

My husband and I believe in the importance of the imagination. It’s a quality that we strongly value, believing that with it life can be rich. We also live our lives as non-toxically as we can–continually editing our surroundings as we learn. We understand the harmful effects that toxins can have on our bodies and minds, and want to create a safe environment, and one that will encourage the imagination of our child too.

With our aspiring “Green Living” lifestyle, we focus on natural materials, non-toxic products, re-usable items, and unprocessed food. Nature is important to us, and we try to stay as close to it as we can. We’re not there yet, I admit. Living completely naturally takes time or money, neither of which we have much of. But we’re on the appropriate path, and we have the goal of buying a piece of land where we can build a sustainable home and grow a lush garden, the latter hopefully providing a lot of the food that we’ll eat.

I’ll elaborate on the ways that we’re trying to live more naturally in posts to come. It’s a process that we’ve been working hard at for years, and, despite some mistakes, hopefully are healthier for it.

Fae is sleeping in her Kozy Carrier on my back while clutching her Haba Kringelring–she just dropped it.


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