The Importance of Our Routine

Although our days are always somewhat unpredictable, we have a general routine that we follow. Certain parts of it, if missed, will affect the rest of the day–her first nap, for example. It occasionally feels like people don’t quite understand how important our routine is. But how could they, unless they had a little baby similar to ours–a “passionate” (according to Karp), and somewhat “high-needs” (according to Sears) baby. She always needs to be held and entertained, is very intense, with high-energy, and has trouble staying asleep. She only has a couple of moments of calmness each day–it’s crucial to her temperament that we encourage them. My husband and I often find ourselves saying to people, “We’re trying to keep her calm right now,” “It’s important that we keep her asleep,” “Let’s allow her to gaze off right now.” We know her so well that we can tell how she’s feeling and what she needs at each moment. We have also come to understand the importance of enjoying the calm moments and naps as they happen, so that we ourselves can keep it together as well.

Fae is half-naked in a sunbeam with her Daddy right now.


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