Going Coverless

I wasn’t sure what to name this blog. I had my topic, and a long list of subtopics–but no title. That it ended up being a little provocative all the better, since one can’t write about these things nowadays without being aware and resentful of the controversy. “Going Coverless,” a phrase my husband suggested after noticing it under the topic “Cloth Diapering,” fit perfectly. It’s ironic that I’m secretive in life–not so secretive in this blog, at least I don’t plan to be.

When it’s warm I go coverless, inasmuch as cloth diapers are concerned. I also go coverless at night as we co-sleep–half coverless at least. I nurse coverless (and sometimes even topless at home). I’m planning on going skinny-dipping with my daughter and husband this summer, and I’m fine with my daughter running around naked if she likes. I don’t believe that she’d turn into a nudist by allowing this, but, if she did, than it’s in the stars, and I’d go to visit her in the colony. I’m not covering up my way of parenting. People can judge me as they like, but I’m not ashamed. I love my family more than anything–and now I’m going coverless by blogging about it.

Fae is nursing for fun right now–she keeps losing the nipple and giving my arm a hickey. She thinks this is funny.


2 responses to “Going Coverless

  1. I love this! Especially now that my daughter is somewhat potty training she runs around naked A LOT. We’re moving to a warmer climate soon and I plan to keep her naked as often as she would like. Heck! If my daughter ends up a nudist I might join her. Haha!!!!

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