Nursing T-Shirt

A few days after Fae was born I felt like I had nothing to wear–nothing that I could easily nurse in. I took a few of my husband’s white crew-neck t-shirts and cut a straight line from the middle of the collar to a few inches below the bust, so that I could easily move the fabric to the side (the fabric won’t rip when pulled with a few horizontal stitches added to the bottom of the slit). I then paired the shirt with a thin, stretchy sports bra that could easily be pulled up. I still wear this combination for bed, and for days when Fae nurses more than usual. It has worked out beautifully.

Fae is sitting on my lap, whining. She dropped her Zebra.


2 responses to “Nursing T-Shirt

  1. Great idea! I just found your blog (while looking up wool diaper covers) and I’m making my way through your posts while my 4-month old naps on my lap. I love love love your approach to parenting… great inspiration! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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