Life With Baby Carriers, So Far

Fae has spent so many hours in baby carriers, and even more in her parents’ arms. Her first carrier was a thick, organic cotton knit, pouch-style sling that I had made frantically a couple of days before she was born. I already had a mei tai style Kozy Carrier made of cotton canvas, a New Native sling made of a woven cotton twill, and an infant ring sling made of a smooth cotton batiste that I had made a week earlier. Right before my due date I searched my organic fabric stash, left over from my senior fashion collection, and made the warm Kozy sling. To help me get her in and out more easily, I cut the sides a couple of inches lower than a common pouch. Next, she was born.

Fae was put in this sling on her second day of life, and I use it every day when eating meals or going for walks outside, in fact going anywhere. I don’t use an infant car seat for carrying her in and out of places, I use slings or my arms. I loved how the fabric would mold around her tiny little body. I also used the ring sling occasionally, mainly for snuggling her on my chest, and the mei tai for the grocery store. Fae slept so peacefully in her little slings during those newborn months.

Around 8 weeks old, Fae would get fussy when she was over-tired, and I would have to bounce with her side to side, in an upright position, to help her calm down and fall asleep. I couldn’t use any of my carriers for this and my arms were getting tired, so I searched the internet and found the Baby K’Tan, made out of organic cotton jersey–soft and stretchy like her infant pouch. With this carrier, composed of two loops of fabric, I could easily slip her into one loop (upright, belly to belly) and bounce her as I held her with one arm until she fell asleep. Slipping on the other loop along with the sash allowed me to then easily go about my day as she napped.

Around 3 1/2 months we tried out the New Native pouch. I was desperate to do some cleaning requiring two hands, and Fae didn’t like the Baby K’Tan unless she was sleepy or we were out for a walk. The pouch was exciting for Fae because she had a better view of what I was doing, what was going on, and she had been wanting to be included, not just an attachment. So, I would now use the Baby K’Tan for naps and fussy times and the pouch for when she was awake.

At 4 1/2 months we began exclusively using the pouch sling. There were now less fussy periods, and it could keep her warm in the cold weather. And that’s how it’s been, until this past week when I dug out the mei tai and put Fae on my back, which she thought amazing. Maybe it’s the monkey in her. Then yesterday, I put her back in the Baby K’Tan, but facing out, and she seems to be amused with that as well. So here we are at 5 1/2 months alternating between 3 carriers.

Although some people glare at me, seeming to think that I must not be able to afford a stroller, most people seem to think Fae looks cozy and content. Baby carriers are my favorite product for babies. They keep them home (attached to Mom’s body). I’ve enjoyed having different styles to use as she develops and so thankful for all of these babywearing options. Thank you to all of the baby carrier makers out there. Your craft is greatly appreciated.

Here are the links to my favorite carriers.,,

Fae is nap-nursing at the moment as we rock in our glider.


5 responses to “Life With Baby Carriers, So Far

  1. I love babywearing! I feel like I can get so much done during the day and Kenna is totally content to hang out with Mom all the time!

    • I know, it’s one of my favorite things! There’s no way that I could happily get anything done without wearing my daughter. She loves it, and it’s so nice to be able to hold her all the time.

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